We are an investment firm that manages capital for non-profit institutions and family clients with a similar long-term mindset.


We and our affiliated entities offer multiple investment options. The strategies pursued are unique, but they are aligned with our overriding investment philosophy.


Hyperion is a highly-concentrated, fully-invested, long-only global equity investment strategy with the objective of compounding capital at high rates of return over a long period of time. The portfolio generally consists of 7-15 investments and does not use leverage. The investments are chosen through an intensive fundamental research process focused on identifying high-quality businesses run by great management teams that we can own for many years.

Managed by Trevor Magyar, Will Pan, and Chase Sheridan


Poplar is concentrated, global, long-only, absolute return-oriented strategy with the objective of growing inflation-adjusted spending power for foundations, endowments, and other investors with substantial annual spending needs. The portfolio generally consists of 10-15 intensively researched investments across asset classes and geographies, with a particular emphasis on liquidity, yield, and resilience to macro conditions.

Managed by John Harris and Marc Wallach


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